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Dr Timothy Bui is one of those rare Dentists who stand "head and shoulders" above all other dentists.  I can unequivocally say this because I have been his patient for 22 years, longer than any of his other patients.  In fact, my immediate family, grown children all has become his patients, as well as their friends and relatives.

As a matter of fact, even when Dr Bui moved his practice 40 miles away from my home in Los
Angeles, I and my family continued to make the long trek to his office....just
because his care and expertise was worth it.

The best Dental careinvolves much more than expert skills, it involves the time that Dr Bui takes to explain to each and every patient the options of alternative treatments and dental plans that enabling you to better understand what's best for you.

In addition, very few dentists have the skills, training, and experience to handle all types of cosmetic surgery; including modern dental implants...Dr Bui is a cut above every other dentist in his field.

Dr Bui's goal for all his patients is to teach you how to preserve and maintain your teeth, prevent future problems, and most importantly..... When those serious problems develop solve them for you with your complete understanding of the process.

In all the years I've been going to Dr. Bui, no matter how small or complicated the procedure, he has never been satisfied until the job was done to perfection.  He always seems to go the extra mile for every patient.  You never have to worry because you know you are in the hands of the very best!

 His astonishing level of caring and compassion for his patients is unparrelled.  He is a true Doctor of Dental Surgerywho is willing to go beyond – to extend himself to others in an attitude of love, selflessness, generosity and genuineness. Through his support, encouragement and knowledge I found the strength to embark upon a journey of transforming my smile and my life.  Not only did Dr Bui "hold my hand" through every step of the way, they became dear and valuable friends to me and my family. I cannot thank them enough for giving me the teeth and the smile I have always held in my dreams. 

There are simply no one any better at what he does than Dr Bui, anywhere on
earth.... And that is straight from the patient's mouth.

Steve Murphy
Activist & Documentary Film Producer/Director
Investigative Journalist
TV Show Series


Dear Dr. Bui,

Thank you for the many years of superb dental care. I appreciate your professionalism and the courtesy and competence you have displayed with my wife, daughter, myself and my dad.

You have always been very patient, explaining every procedure carefully to us.  I have never had such kind and gentle dental care. Your responsible follow-up is very unusual in today’s world.  Your professionalism is unique.  You have made an experience for me, that has been unpleasant in the past, a pleasurable experience.  Your staff is always extremely courteous and accommodating, far exceeding any dentist I have been associated with.  I can smile with confidence now!

Sincerely, Anthony Edell, PhD, LMFT


I'm a 75 year old male, in good health and semi-retired.  Dr. Timothy T. Bui has been my dentist for a long time.  He is, in my opinion, the best dentist I've had.  Approximately two and half years ago he recommended I replace an old bridge and one the molars it was anchored to with dental implants.  Since I had all but one of my original teeth, I hesitated.  I consulted with Dr. Lim, his colleage and decided to go for it.  I'm glad I did.  The implants (two) were put in January 2007; and Dr. Bui finished with the crowns in July 2007.  The procedure(s) are long and expensive, but there is no pain and the results wonderful.  I've had no difficulty since then and feel like there are my own teeth.  So much better than bridges and dentures.  

Howard E. Leonard
Retired Senior Engineer,College Professor


To Whom it may Concern:

I have been a patient of Dr. Timothy Bui, DDS, for about 5 years. I have been
to many, many dentists over the years.

Without question, Dr. Bui and his staff have made for the most pleasant dental
experience I have ever had. From the moment I stepped into their clean, modern office, I was treated with tremendous courtesy and professionalism. Dr. Bui takes more time and pays more attention to detail than any other dentist I have seen.  His excellent results speak for

Without hesitation I would refer any patient to Dr. Bui who seeks a competent,
professional, caring dental professional.

Dr.James W. Reznick
Board Certified Cardiologist
Pacific Cardiovascular Associates
Laguna Hills, California


I just finished my full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction. My bite was changed back to the original.

I am very happy with the results. The service in general is very professional from the
front desk to Dr.Bui himself. Dr.Bui usually answers all my questions about the procedures very thoroughly.  He always cares and he made me so comfortable in the
chair (blanket, headphones, neck pillow,...)  He always asked how I am doing and frequently
checked to see if I in pain or not.I think he is very dedicated, passionate about his works
and committed to patients ‘satisfaction.

I picked Dr.Bui because he is L.V.I trained.  Based on my research, I find out that LVI dentists are specially trained to perform cosmetic dentistry under the instruction and guidance of Dr. William Dickerson, the internationally well-known cosmetic

Among the LVI dentists, I picked Dr.Bui because he answered all my questions, he has been practiced for almost 25 years, and he invited me to look at his before/after pictures and gave me some phone #s for reference.

I was able to adapt to the new bite in 1-2 weeks (my bite was collapsed) .  The prices were reasonable. When comparing prices, I understand that you get what you pay for.  During the treatments, Dr. Bui often offered his cell phone # just in case of emergencies.


Thank you Dr. Bui. 
Lam Hoang


Having been a patient of Dr. Timothy Bui’s for over ten years, I know first-hand how professional, conscientious, and well trained he and his staff are. I like never having to
wait when I come in for an appointment, and I appreciate the way Dr. Bui always reviews my complete dental and general health history with me before beginning any procedure. He is always professional in his manner, while at the same time also caring and friendly. Dr. Bui has some twenty-five years of experience treating a variety of patients of all ages and with a huge diversity of needs.  His own education and training, as well as his use of the latest technology, ensure that all his patients receive the finest and most up-to-date dental care available. The fact that my wife and I have both been Dr. Bui’s patients for so long is clear evidence that we, like so many others, are completely satisfied with the superior dental health care he and his staff consistently provide.     

Robert Dees
(Retired) President, Orange Coast College


Dr. Tim Bui has been my dentist for the last 14 (?) years.  He always does impeccable work and never rushes through a procedure.  He likes to take all the time he needs until
both he and I are satisfied with the results.   Besides his meticulous work, what I appreciate about Dr. Bui is his way of reassuring me and putting me at ease, especially when I feel apprehensive about deep cleaning, a couple of hours of teeth whitening, or crown work.  He and his staff are very friendly and caring and truly value their patients.  If you wish to have great dental work done, I would, without reservation, recommend you see Dr. Tim Bui.

Mrs. Van Dees, ESL Professor