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They provide  a permanent solution for replacing a single tooth, several teeth, or all  your teeth. They are among the most successful invasive dental treatment options available.

A complete dental implant procedure is composed of 3 components and is usually completed in 2 phases by 2 dentists- phase 1 an oral surgeon specialist or a periodontist is doing the surgical placement of the implant (1st component) in the jawbone and phase 2 after 3-5 months of healing the general dentist is doing the placement of the abutment (post screwed to the implant - 2nd component) followed with the cementation of the lab processed implant crown (3rd component).

Personally, because of the limitation of knowledge and experience of a general dentist, I feel it is better for the patient's best interest to let the specialist do the phase 1 to avoid possible complications. Then phase 2 can be done effectively by the general dentist.

Therefore, fortunately, I am able to have for the last 6 years, Dr. Caden Lim, a certified board periodontist as an associate in my office. He has performed all my surgical implants placement. For extra personal attention to the patients, Dr. Bui has been always there to assist Dr. Lim.

Benefits of Implant Dentistry:

  • Strong, Durable and Natural in appearance.
  • High success rate- above 95 %.
  • Permanent solution- dentures and bridges require replacement.
  • Easily maintained- same manner as natural teeth.
  • Preserves healthy teeth- healthy adjacent teeth aren't harmed or affected since neighboring teeth are not used for support as they are for bridges.
  • Comfortable way to anchor removable denture or bridge.

Are you a good candidate for dental implants?

  • General good health- if you are well enough for routine dental treatment, you are a Candidate for dental implants, as long as there is enough Healthy jawbone.
  • Age- dental implants are an ideal option regardless of age, whether you are young, middle-aged or a senior. Implants are usually postponed in children till the Jawbone has matured.
  • Dentures- anchoring with dental implants provides greater stability and better function.  Or, They can be converted to fixed 12 unit bridges upperand lower with 4 upper and 4 lower implants (all-on-4 Nobel Biocare: most recent Technique compared to 6-8 implants of each arch with bone and sinus grafts).
  • Smoking- while being a non smoker increases the success rate, smoking does not eliminate the possibility of receiving dental implants.
  • Commitment to dental hygiene- implants have a 95% success rate when the patient is committed to good dental hygiene.  Daily brushing and flossing, along with routine Dental exams, helps ensure that implants can last a lifetime.

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