Cosmetic Dentistry for Your Family

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Cosmetic dental bondings, also known as composites are excellent ways to fix structural imperfections in the teeth such as cracks, chips and discolored teeth as well as to replace silver amalgam fillings.

The bondings can also repair misaligned teeth, providing a straighter, more uniform smile.  To begin the teeth bonding procedure, OC cosmetic dentist Dr. Bui selects a composite resin (dental bonding material) that matches the natural shade of your teeth. Dr. Bui then roughens the existing tooth so the resin can adhere properly.

Next, the composite resin is carefully applied to the tooth, shaped, and smoothed to achieve the desired look. It is then quickly hardened via a high intensity light.

Lastly, the bonded tooth is buffed and polished so it has the same appearance as the surrounding teeth.
This procedure is quick, affordable, relatively painless, and reversible but not long lasting. Dental bondings are alternatives to more extensive less permanent Cosmetic dentistry treatment with porcelain veneers and all porcelain crowns.

Many insurance carriers cover teeth bonding, especially if it is done for structural reasons.