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By Timothy T. Bui, D.D.S., Inc.
October 29, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: veneers  

Porcelain veneers represent one of the best values in cosmetic dentistry, capable of radically changing a person’s smile with little tooth surface preparation. Still, the small amount of tooth enamel usually removed to accommodate them will permanently alter the affected teeth, to the point they will require a veneer or other restoration from then on.

The traditional veneer has remarkable versatility for solving a number of minor cosmetic problems, correcting mild tooth positioning problems and replacing lost or damaged enamel. But to avoid an unnatural bulky appearance, a portion of the tooth enamel must be permanently removed to accommodate them.

In recent years, though, a new concept known as “prepless veneers” has emerged in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Understandably, this new, “drill-free” veneer application has caused a lot of debate among dentists and patients alike, with concerns of bulky, overly-contoured teeth resulting from the technique. But the concept is growing as many well-regarded dentists have incorporated both minimal prep and prepless veneers into their service offerings.

The prepless veneer offers a cosmetic solution that doesn’t alter the tooth permanently. Using techniques such as feathering, which tapers and blends the veneer seamlessly with the tooth at the gum line, we can avoid an unnatural appearance while offering patients a much less invasive outcome.

The main disadvantage of prepless veneers at this time is that they’re not appropriate in every case. In fact, careful patient selection is a key to a successful outcome. For example, relatively large teeth or teeth positioned too far forward don’t work well with an added layer of thickness.

If, on the other hand, you have small, short or worn teeth, or teeth overshadowed by your lips — just to name a few likely scenarios — then you may benefit immensely from prepless veneers without permanent alteration to your teeth. A detailed examination is your first step to finding out if this new technique could provide you with a less-invasive smile makeover.

If you would like more information on drill-free porcelain veneers, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Porcelain Veneers without the Drill.”

By Timothy T. Bui, D.D.S., Inc.
April 16, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: celebrity smiles   veneers  

What's an actor's most important feature? According to Vivica A. Fox, whose most recent big-screen role was in Independence Day: Resurgence, it's what you see right up front.

"On screen, your smile and your eyes are the most inviting things that bring the audience in" she said. "Especially if you play the hot chick."

But like lots of people, Vivica reached a point where she felt her smile needed a little help in order to look its best. That's when she turned to a popular cosmetic dental treatment.

"I got veneers years ago," Ms. Fox told Dear Doctor magazine in a recent interview, "just because I had some gapping that probably only I noticed."

What exactly are dental veneers? Essentially, they are thin shells of lustrous porcelain that are permanently attached to the front surfaces of the teeth. Tough, lifelike and stain-resistant, they can cover up a number of defects in your smile — including stains, chips, cracks, and even minor spacing irregularities like the ones Vivica had.

Veneers have become the treatment of choice for Hollywood celebs — and lots of regular folks too — for many reasons. Unlike some treatments that can take many months, it takes just a few appointments to have veneers placed on your teeth. Because they are custom made just for you, they allow you to decide how bright you want your smile to be: anywhere from a natural pearly hue to a brilliant "Hollywood white." Best of all, they are easy to maintain, and can last for many years with only routine care.

To place traditional veneers, it's necessary to prepare the tooth by removing a small amount (a millimeter or two) of its enamel surface. This keeps it from feeling too big — but it also means the treatment can't be reversed, so once you get veneers, you'll always have them. In certain situations, "no-prep" or minimal-prep veneers, which require little or no removal of tooth enamel, may be an option for some people.

Veneers aren't the only way to create a better smile: Teeth whitening, crowns or orthodontic work may also be an alternative. But for many, veneers are the preferred option. What does Vivica think of hers?

"I love my veneers!" she declared, noting that they have held up well for over a decade.

For more information about veneers, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation.

By Timothy T. Bui, D.D.S., Inc.
January 12, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry   veneers  

Improving the appearance of your smile often requires the help of your cosmetic dentist. Procedures like crowns, bridges, teeth veneerswhitening and braces can make huge changes for the better to your teeth. However, dental veneers can overhaul your smile’s entire look, including the color, shape, length and width of each tooth, and can even improve small gaps and misalignments. Learn more about veneers and what they can do for you with Dr. Timothy Bui in Newport Beach and Garden Grove, CA.

Types of Veneers in Newport Beach and Garden Grove, CA

  • Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers most closely resemble natural teeth though they are the most expensive option. These veneers, created in a dental laboratory by a lab technician, require preparation of the tooth before placing the restoration. This includes removing a small portion of enamel from the front of the tooth where the veneer will adhere. Porcelain is famous for resisting stains and being easily customizable to the color of your natural teeth so they blend in seamlessly.
  • Composite Veneers: These veneers are made from composite resin materials molded directly onto the teeth and do not require the help of a dental laboratory. While porcelain veneers often improve the appearance of all of the teeth, composite veneers usually repair small imperfections like cracks, chips, or small misalignments in the teeth. Composite veneers are cheaper than porcelain, but do not appear as natural and are not as resistant to stains.

For more information on veneers, please contact Dr. Bui in Newport Beach and Garden Grove, CA. Call (949) 675-7750 or (714) 537-0550 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!

By Timothy T. Bui, D.D.S., Inc.
July 19, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: veneers  

Porcelain veneers are excellent for restoring otherwise sound teeth that are stained, chipped or slightly misaligned. But the question for many is, are they long-lasting?

Just as the term is used in building construction, a dental veneer is a thin covering of material that’s bonded to the outside of a tooth to conceal blemishes. Very thin layers of dental porcelain (a form of hardened glass colored to match a patient’s natural teeth) are created by a dental lab technician to achieve the preferred shape and size of the patient’s tooth. Unlike crowns or other restorations, veneers require very little tooth preparation to accommodate them.

As to their longevity: if cared for properly, a veneer could last for twenty years or more. While the veneer itself isn’t subject to the effects of dental disease, the tooth and the gums that support it are. Shrinking gum tissues as a result of periodontal (gum) disease, for example, could have a negative effect on the veneered tooth and subsequently the veneer. It’s important, then, that you properly practice daily brushing and flossing, along with keeping up regular office cleanings and checkups.

There’s one other important consideration: while porcelain veneers can withstand normal biting forces, if they’re subjected beyond their tolerance they could shatter. You should be careful not to subject your veneered teeth to an abnormal biting force, such as biting down on an extremely hard object. If you tend to grind your teeth at night, wearing a night guard can minimize the force created from the grinding.

It’s possible to repair and re-bond a loose or slightly chipped veneer. In some cases, though, severe damage may require a replacement. Still, by using common sense about what you bite down on and taking proper care of your teeth and gums, you can minimize the chances of damage and enjoy many years of a more attractive smile.

If you would like more information on porcelain veneers, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Porcelain Veneers: How Long will Your Porcelain Veneers Last?.”

By Timothy T. Bui, D.D.S., Inc.
April 27, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry   veneers  

Could these cosmetic restorations be the best way to revive your smile?

There are so many options when it comes to improving the look of your smile that it may be difficult to choose. Let your veneersNewport Beach dentists, Dr. Timothy Bui and Dr. Caden Lim, make it easier to get the smile you want with porcelain veneers.

What are dental veneers?

These thin porcelain shells are applied over the front surface of your teeth to hide common flaws like cracks, chips, discolorations, gaps between teeth or even minor overlapping. These porcelain restorations are often preferred over dental crowns because it requires less tooth enamel to be removed.

Am I a good candidate for veneers?

Porcelain veneers can be a great option for many people in Newport Beach and you also could benefit from these restorations. Of course, there are some factors that will determine whether veneers are the best choice for you:

  • You have good dental health that is free of decay or untreated gum disease
  • You are dealing with dental imperfections that affect the shape, color or size of a tooth or teeth
  • You are ready to care for and maintain your restorations for the rest of your life (because enamel has to be removed prior to applying the veneers this procedure is irreversible)
  • You maintain good oral hygiene and will continue to visit your Newport Beach cosmetic dentists twice a year for cleanings and maintenance

How do I get veneers?

First thing’s first, you will need to come in for a consultation so we can examine your smile and determine that your goals are right for veneers. If we deem you a great candidate for veneers the next step is to take impressions of your teeth from which to make your uniquely crafted veneers. A small amount of enamel will also need to be removed, but this is painless and can often be done without needing anesthesia.

Once your veneers are crafted, we will apply them over the front of your teeth using a tooth-colored resin and a laser to harden the resin to the tooth. In just three visits, you’ll be able to walk out with a beautiful new smile.

If you are ready to find out if veneers are right for you then it’s high time you scheduled a consultation at Timothy T. Bui DDS, Inc. in Newport Beach, CA. Call our office today!