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By Timothy T. Bui, D.D.S., Inc.
January 05, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: BreathRX  

Do you suffer from persistent bad breath? If so, regular visits to your Newport Beach, California dentist may not be enough. While Dr. Timothy Bui DDS can help you keep your teeth clean and strong, if you have persistent bad breath that won't go away, you may need to add something new to your dental routine: BreathRx.

What is BreathRx?

Unlike other bad breath treatments you can get from any dentist in Newport Beach, California, BreathRx is a revolutionary new system that at treats bad breath at the source. Instead of just masking your bad breath by covering it with a nice scent, BreathRx actually gets deep within the cavities and crevices of your mouth to kill the bacteria and to neutralize the odor. The process is easy and pain-free, and you'll love the results!

How Do I Use BreathRx?

BreathRx uses a simple but effective three-step process: just brush, scrape and rinse!

1. Brush: Ditch the old toothpaste that isn't working for you and try BreathRx toothpaste instead. With Zytex, fluoride and advanced whitening ingredients, this is one toothpaste that really makes a difference.

2. Scrape: The bacteria in your mouth don't just sit on your teeth. They hide on your tongue too - at least, until you attack them with the BreathRx tongue scraper. Those bacteria don't stand a chance!

3. Rinse: Lastly, finish your oral hygiene routine with a rinse that is clinically proven to clear the bacteria away and give you the fresh breath you've been wanting.

Is BreathRx Right for Me?

If you are self-conscious about your bad breath and want something easy and effective, BreathRx may be just right for you! Why not join all the other loyal BreathRx users and find out? Give your dentist in Newport Beach, California, Dr. Bui, a call and ask about BreathRx today!