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By Timothy T. Bui, D.D.S.
August 06, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

Do you have regular jaw pain or headaches? Do your teeth look worn down or short? If so, your bite may not be aligned properly, and it may be causing you significant problems. Thankfully, your Newport Beach, CA dentist, Dr. Bui, can help.Neuromuscular Dentistry

What are the Symptoms of a Bite that Isn't Balanced?

Your jaw alignment doesn't have to be off by much to cause a problem. Even a bite that is off by only a millimeter can cause symptoms including headache, jaw and neck pain, sore muscles, a limited range of motion, fatigue and dizziness.

Is Proper Alignment Really that Important?

While something as small as a minor misalignment may not seem like a huge deal, the truth is that even the smallest misalignment can cause a big problem. Teeth that aren't aligned properly not only cause the symptoms listed above, but they are also subject to excessive wear and tear. Your teeth may even chip, break or come loose.

How Can Dr. Bui Help Me Get a Balanced Bite?

Thankfully, it is possible to have the balanced bite you want when you visit your Newport Beach, CA dentist, Dr. Bui. Not only does Dr. Bui have advanced dental training from the prestigious LVI, but he also has the most advanced diagnostic equipment currently available, the Myotronics K7.

Dr. Bui can find and diagnose your bite problems. Even more importantly, he can bring your teeth and jaw back into proper alignment again. Whether your adjustment is minor or major, Dr. Bui can help you get a comfortable, healthy smile again!

If you are experiencing frequent jaw pain or headaches, if your teeth look worn down, or if your teeth are beginning to chip and break, a jaw that is out of alignment may be the problem. Call your trusted dentist in Newport Beach, CA, Dr. Bui, for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan today.