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By Timothy T. Bui, D.D.S., Inc.
June 16, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

You know that regular visits to the dentist for cleanings and x-rays are important. But you may be less invested in cosmetic cosmetic dentistrydentistry, a specialty practice that enhances the appearance of teeth, sometimes replacing them altogether. Your Garden Grove and Newport Beach, CA dentists, Dr. Timothy Bui and Dr. Caden Lim, want to address any myths their patients may have heard about cosmetic dentistry, helping them to understand their benefits and importance instead. If you've found yourself thinking one of the four statements below, this blog is for you!

Cosmetic dentistry looks "fake."

While there was a time that cosmetic procedures of any kind weren't as good as "the real thing," huge strides have been made in the materials, technology and processes used in cosmetic dentistry. This means that whatever treatment you choose from your Garden Grove and Newport Beach dentists, you can be assured that your comfort and and appearance are at the forefront.

Cosmetic dentistry is out of my price range.

Although there are certain situations that make procedures more costly - particularly if multiple procedures are needed to achieve the desired results - there exists a cosmetic dentistry treatment for every budget. For example, in-office whitening can make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your teeth, making them as much as 8 shades lighter in just one half-hour treatment. The cost is very affordable, typically running considerably less than a root canal on one tooth. Other low cost procedures include bonding, sculpting and contouring.

For more in-depth procedures, Drs. Bui and Lim offer financing for their patients. You can learn more about our payment plans options during your cosmetic dentistry consultation.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures don't last very long.

Today's cosmetic dental procedures aren't designed to be a "quick fix" - they are all long-lasting and durable, provided that patients follow the necessary steps to care for them. While over-the-counter whitening products may take weeks to show and only last several months, in-office whitening from your dentist can last well over a year before a touch-up treatment is needed. Porcelain veneers typically have a lifespan of one to two decades and dental implants can last a lifetime.

Cosmetic dentistry is vain.

Many people, especially men, have imperfect teeth but feel uncomfortable with the idea of cosmetic dentistry, seeing it as an unnecessary indulgence. However, your dentists want their patients to know that cosmetic procedures can be more than just an aesthetic update - they actually improve the health of your teeth! By filling in overlapped teeth with bonding or veneers, for example, those teeth are much less likely to trap food particles that can't easily be reached by a toothbrush or floss. Crowns protect damaged teeth and allow the natural root structure to remain intact and undisturbed. Dental implants help to support the teeth on either side and prevent them from shifting out of place.

If you'd like more information about any of the cosmetic dental procedures mentioned, contact Dr. Bui and Dr. Lim in Garden Grove and Newport Beach, California today!