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Timothy Bui, DDS

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At Dr. Bui's cosmetic dental boutiques in Newport Beach and Garden Grove , California, our main focus is on providing personalized and comfortable care with careful attention to your specific needs and objectives in private settings instead of large dental clinics where the quality of cosmetic dentistry cannot be controlled or maintained.

Offering Highly Effective Cosmetic Dentistry Services

As a cosmetic dentist for the family, Dr. Bui offers dental services customized to your goals and desires. After listening carefully, understanding your expectations, and discussing these concerns with you, Dr. Bui will formulate a cosmetic treatment plan for you in phases. The beginning phases include the treatments to improve your oral health and keep your mouth healthy and clean. The last treatment phases include the cosmetic dentistry procedures used to improve your smile and confidence.

Have you ever seen a beautiful smile and wish yours could be improved?
Do you cover your mouth when you smile or laugh?
Have you been reluctant to do anything about your smile due to seeing other people with dental work that looks fake and unnatural?

The Smile is one of the first things other people notice and it conveys impressions about your health, social status, intelligence, and age. Not only can a beautiful smile make you look younger and healthier; it can also boost your confidence and your ability to communicate with others.

Utilizing the latest in dental technology in combination with the extraordinary artistic abilities of Dr. Bui and his dental technicians, almost any smile can be transformed into a healthy, beautiful reflection of you. With a keen attention to detail, our cosmetic dental professionals are committed to creating beautiful, natural-looking smiles for California residents in a comfortable, caring environment.

Advancements in cosmetic dentistry such as full porcelain dental crowns and porcelain veneers not only give patients a perfect smile, but also improve facial symmetry and balance.

Whether you are interested in general teeth cleaning, tooth replacement, teeth whitening, or a complete smile makeover, contact Dr. Bui today at our Newport Beach or Garden Grove, CA offices.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and our practice.
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Timothy Bui